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The School of Byzantin Ecclesiastical Hymn
The purpose of this new music school in our diocese is to learn the principles of Byzantine music, to learn to read musical notes and to master Byzantine chant.
The invitation is addressed to the leaders of the choirs and singers of our churches, as well as to all those who wish to learn and become familiar with the basics of Byzantine music.
These lessons are for beginners with the possibility of deepening and broadening one's knowledge of music in other courses.

Bishop Milad El Jawich

Christmas Message 2022
ثلجُ الله / La Neige de Dieu / The Snow of God
Une part de Noël est nostalgie, nostalgie à cette chaleur intérieure, à l’amour pur de Jésus dont nos parents nous avaient parlé avant de dormir lorsque nous étions petits. Noël, c’est cette nostalgie à une réunion familiale joyeuse, à ces cœurs purs et ces rires innocents... Noël, c’est ces petits gestes d’amour : embrasser un ami, se réconcilier avec un ennemi, consoler un cœur brisé, partager quelque chose à/de moi avec quelqu’un d’autre… C’est surtout entrer dans mes profondeurs silencieuses, me recueillir, me taire, prier, me connecter, cette fois-ci, avec l’Enfant divin qui est né, lui confier mes secrets, peut-être une promesse et lui chuchoter dans sa petite oreille d’enfant juste deux mots :« Je t’aime! ».
Christmas in Canada is “white”. It is perhaps a sign for us to also be white, from the inside: to let God’s snow cover our hearts, even if they are black, cover our souls, even if they are soiled, and cover our inner houses, even if they are dirty. God’s snow does not come from the clouds, but from the depths of God’s heart. It comes down directly to us as eternal mercy, infinite compassion, and extraordinary grace that make us clean, new, and pure… At Christmas, it is God who would like to offer us a gift. He left it somewhere, not under a tree or a fireplace, but in his church. He is inviting us to go and get it: It is himself, his Body and his Blood, his life, his eternal life. Only when we receive God’s precious gift will our Christmas be complete.
أحبّتي، هذا هو الميلاد الثاني لي معكم، مرّت سنة ونيّف وأنا على رأس الأبرشيّة. صلّوا من أجلي أمام مغارة ملك الكون كي يمنحني سكونه الرائع، براءته، طهارته، حبّه... أشحذ منكم دعاءً صغيرًا من أمام المغارة! الربّ يسوع يُريدنا جُدُدًا، مثله هو المولود من أجلنا "طفلًا جديدًا". أتمنّى لكم كلّ الصحّة والخير، كلّ البركات والنِعَم، كلّ الحبّ والقداسة، بشفاعة العذراء مريم "الأمّ الملكة" والقدّيس يوسف وجميع القدّيسين
ميلاد مجيد وسنة مباركة!
Mgr Milad El Jawich, Évêque éparchial
Montréal, le 25 novembre 2022


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