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The School of Byzantin Ecclesiastical Hymn
The purpose of this new music school in our diocese is to learn the principles of Byzantine music, to learn to read musical notes and to master Byzantine chant.
The invitation is addressed to the leaders of the choirs and singers of our churches, as well as to all those who wish to learn and become familiar with the basics of Byzantine music.
These lessons are for beginners with the possibility of deepening and broadening one's knowledge of music in other courses.

Bishop Milad El Jawich

The "disruptive" apostle
In less than one week, we will be going on a journey with St. Paul, through the 14 sessions I would like to offer you at the Melkite Bible Center (MBC) on Zoom.
My promise to you is this: We will have a pleasant adventure in which we will accompany Paul from Tarsus his birthplace, to Jerusalem the Qibla of his heart, to Damascus the place of his conversion, to Antioch the center of his influence, to Rome the city of his martyrdom... and finally to your heart the place of his desire.
I know Paul very well. I also know his charm on hearts. This apostle will not remain "quiet": he will enchant you, shake you up, disturb something in you, dominate you as Jesus dominated him.
You must study Saint Paul. And if you study him, you must love him. And if you love him, you must follow Jesus in his example.
Last advice: If you prefer to remain lukewarm and cold, stay away from this ardent flame, from this apostle who has so much ignited the love of Jesus Christ in hearts and in depths.
H.E. Bishop Milad El Jawich


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