"The Church loves all her children like a loving mother, but cares for all and protects with a special affection those who are smallest and defenseless. This is the duty that Christ himself entrusted to the entire Christian community as a whole. Aware of this, the Church is especially vigilant in protecting children and vulnerable adults."

June 4, 2016, AS A LOVING MOTHER, apostolic letter in the form of a motu proprio from Pope Francis on the protection of the weakest.


Safe environment

In order to respond to the guidelines published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops for the update of a "diocesan protocol for the prevention of sexual assault on minors or against vulnerable adults" and for the pastoral response to complaints in matters of abuse, the Eparchy of Saint sauveur for the Melkite Greek Catholics of Canada has put in place Eparchial guidelines which provide for how allegations of possible abuse are to be handled in the Eparchy.

Download the Guidelines for cases of alleged sexual abuse against minors or against vulnerable adults.


Abuse prevention

Training for priests and volunteers who work with minors and vulnerable people