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1Can you give me an overview of the Young Melkite Convention of Canada?
The Canadian Melkite Youth Convention, known as CMYC, was initiated by Bishop Ibrahim M. Ibrahim. In 2016, the first annual three-day youth convention was held in Montreal at the Cathedral of Saint-Sauveur.
2How many CMYCs have you done?
In the following years, other conventions were held in different Canadian cities: 2017 in Toronto, 2018 in Ottawa and 2019 in Windsor. Due to Covid-19, the Vancouver convention had to be postponed twice and is scheduled to take place in September 2022. However, a virtual convention was held by ZOOM in 2021 with over 150 youth participating from across Canada. More than 500 students, young workers and leaders have participated in CMYC since 2016.
3What is the purpose of your convention?
To gather our Melkite youth around Christ, to form true Christian leaders and missionary apostles filled with zeal and courage to spread the word of God. The aim is also to create rich bonds of friendship, cooperation and partnership between young people from different parishes, leaders and priests.
4Who can participate?
Young people aged 17-35, group leaders of any age, and members of the clergy.
5Can I bring a friend who is not very involved in the parish?
Of course you can! Bring him, whatever his spiritual engagement. Such an experience could change his life! You never know how God works in our hearts!
6I am a young person of another Catholic rite. Can I still participate?
Yes, you can! All young Catholics between the ages of 17 and 35 are welcome! However, as the organization of the event is done in collaboration with the leaders, you will need to contact the group leader of the Melkite parish closest to you and inform him/her, so that you can receive the necessary help and information for your participation.
7Can I organize my own program and participate in only part of your activities?
No! As our program is very condensed and covers many different aspects, it is strongly recommended to follow it with the whole group in order to have the richest experience possible.
8What is your program?
In order to help you have an unforgettable experience and to motivate you to participate in our future conventions, our organizing team has designed a very special program for you which touches on spiritual, social and cultural aspects. Lectures, prayers, discussion circles, tourism and dancing parties are all part of the program!
9How much do I have to pay to participate?
There are several packages available depending on the number of young people you want to share a hotel room with. If you register during the "early bird" period, you can benefit from a discount. You will find the prices on our promotional posters and in our registration form.
10What do I do if I have to fly to the convention site?
To ensure that you get the best price, our group leaders contact travel agencies and negotiate prices with airlines every year. The best way to proceed is to contact your group leader who will inform you of the prices and the procedure to follow to book your seat on the plane.
11I have changed my mind or had an emergency and can no longer participate in the CMYC. Is it possible to cancel?
As places are limited, cancellation is only possible if your group leader finds someone else to replace you. Many contracts are based on the number of participants and there are often penalties for cancellations.
12Is alcohol allowed?
13I have health problems / allergies / intolerances. What do I need to do?
Just mention them in the registration form and the organizing team will take care of your needs.
14In which language will the lectures and discussions be held?
Don't worry! Whatever the language of the conference, we will provide simultaneous translation in Arabic, French and English. For the discussion circles, you just need to mention your language of choice in the registration form, and you will be paired with young people who are comfortable speaking the same language as you.