A brief historical overview

Saint Simeon Stylites Melkite Catholic Church was established in March 25, 2015, with the ordination of Father Gerard Abi Saab. After Father Gerard’s ordination, the Melkite community was given the opportunity to join hands together to build a parish that will serve for generations and generations to come. With the help of many including Father Gerard, the local Melkite community, the Melkite Eparchy of Canada and Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim, we were able to establish our parish. Most importantly, with the great generosity of Sts. Vladimir & Olga Ukrainian Catholic Church, we were able to celebrate the Divine Liturgy at 601 Lake Trail Drive, up until the purchase of our own church building at 8700 Jerome Street in October 2018.
In mid-2018, we were finally able to secure enough funds, from the generosity of many local donors, to purchase a church building dedicated for the Saint Simeon Stylites Melkite Catholic parish community in Windsor. Through the hard-work and dedication of our parish families, we were able to successfully renovate, fully, the church building and hall.

Phone number





8700 Jerome Street, Windsor, Ontario, N8S 1G8

Schedule of Masses

Sunday : 11 :00 am Arabic- English / Saturday : 5 :30 pm English / Wednesday : 6 :30 pm Arabic-English

“When I am with those who are weak, I share their weakness, for I want to bring the weak to Christ. Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone, doing everything I can to save some.” Corinthians 9:22

Dear brothers and sisters,

In that God Himself came into the world as a man, Jesus Christ, for our salvation, we at Saint Simeon Stylites Melkite Catholic Church welcome everyone to join us as we strive to grow in our faith, through the traditional and original Byzantine tradition. We are called by God our Creator to worship and follow Him and to proclaim to the world His message of love, peace, and salvation. We believe in Him, and strive to know Him and abide in Him, so that by grace we might receive an eternal life of salvation from Him. We actively participate in the sacramental and prayer life so that we may become Christ-like persons by His grace.

I invite each one of you to come and join our family, in praising and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ through our divine liturgy at St. Simeon Stylites church.

May god bless you all and keep you safe in Jesus’s name. Amen.

Father Gérard Abi Saab



Mr. Eugene Issak and Mrs. Fayrouz Al Khalil

Soldiers of Christ

Mrs. Samar Abou Haidar