A brief historical overview

1970 - In the 1970s, Greek Melkite Catholic families from the Middle East began to settle in the West Island of Montreal.
1980 - In October, the late Bishop Michel Hakim was appointed Bishop of Canada.
1981 - By 1981, thanks to the decision of the late Bishop Georges Koriati, and the efforts of Father Jean Faraj, a small nucleus of 30 families celebrated Sunday masses in the parish hall of St. Luke's Church.
1982 - Monthly celebration of Mass at St. David's Church on the West Island of Montreal.
1983 - Bi-monthly celebration of Mass at St. Barnabas Church, on the West Island of Montreal.
1985 - Weekly mass at St. Barnabas Church on the West Island of Montreal. Formation of a Bible study group, annual retreat, youth choir, social activities, a scout troop and an Arabic language school.
1986 - As the community grew, we had to move to St. Suzanne's Church in 1986. Mass was celebrated at St. Suzanne's Church on the West Island of Montreal. Foundation of a legal entity, a corporation under the name of Comité Socio-culturel du Moyen-Orient (CSCMO), to manage finances and organize social activities.
1989 - Foundation of the "Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish (Sayedat Al- Bechara) affiliated to the Saint-Sauveur Church, to serve more than six hundred families.
1994 - In May, Father Jean Faraj is appointed pastor of the parish of the Virgin Mary, New York. He is replaced by Father Antoine Dib.
1998 - In March, mass ceased on the west island. The parishioners are invited to join the parish of Saint-Sauveur, in the church of Notre-Dame-des-Anges. In June, the late Bishop Sleiman Hajjar is appointed Bishop of Canada.
2001 - In January, the late Father Fouad Nasr was appointed parish priest to restart the weekly masses of the Our Lady of the Annunciation service at the Sainte-Suzanne church. Fouad Nasr took over as pastor of this flourishing community of over 600 families.
2003 - In June, Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim is appointed Bishop of Canada. In October, the late Father Fouad Nasre leaves us for Rome, as patriarchal vicar. vicar. Father Makarios Wehbi replaces him as parish priest of Our Lady of the Annunciation.
2006 - The members of the board of directors are chosen by the bishop. The first parish council is composed of the following persons Msgr Makarios Wehbi (vice president), George Saba (treasurer), Camille Badra (secretary), Sherine Saba, Rita Tooma, the late Roger Ackad, Henry and Doris Awwad, Kamal Barakat and Ibrahim Maatouk.
2007 - In March, the first community colloquium of the parish is organized at the Melkite Center.
2008 - Msgr. Makarios Wehbi is appointed to another mission, at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Ottawa. Msgr. Antoine Semaan replaces him as parish priest.
2012 In December - Our Lady of the Annunciation parish buys St. Suzanne Church in Pierrefonds, to serve more than EIGHT HUNDRED families. Activities: Eucharistic celebrations, Bible studies, parish bulletin, choir, First Communion preparation, catechetical program, baptisms, weddings and social activities.
2013 - In September - Celebration of the dedication of the parish Our Lady of the Annunciation and Annual Ball. Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim ordained Father Anthony Archimandrite with the title of Monsignor. Consecration of the Chapel of St. Rita by Bishop Ibrahim.
2017 - In February Msgr Antoine Semaan was transferred to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Ottawa. Msgr Makarios Wehbi replaces him as pastor of Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish.
2018 November - Msgr Antoine Semaan returns as parish priest at Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish. Arrived from Egypt the deacon Ragi Saleh.
2019 In June - Ordination by Bishop Ibrahim of Deacon Ragi Saleh as curate assigned to Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish.
2021 to 2022 Despite the pandemic of COVID 19 the parish consecrated the relics chapel and added several icons to its heritage.

Phone number





9501 boulevard Gouin Ouest - Pierrefonds H8Y 1T7

Schedule of Masses

Sunday at 8:15 am and 12:00 pm / Tuesday at 6:30 pm / Wednesday at 6:30 pm / Friday at 6:00 pm (in French)

We welcome you to our parish family, the family of Our Lady of the Annunciation.

Like any other family, we function most effectively when all our members are involved in parish life.

If you are new to the parish, please make yourself known so that we can welcome you personally. You are welcome to join us at any of our weekend or weekday masses. You can also email us at paroisse-nda@videotron.ca or contact us at 514-822-1117.

We are constantly working to bring the message of Jesus Christ into the hearts and lives of others through our actions and words. We hope to do this through prayer, service, the sacraments and our warm and welcoming hospitality.

Please feel free to refer to our parish bulletin, on this website or our parish website, parish-nda.com, for our Mass times. We look forward to seeing you after the weekend masses, or when you visit the office. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to contact us or a member of our staff for further assistance.

Msgr Antoine Semaan, b.s.

Pastor of Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish


Sacristy and Mass Service:

Sub-deacons: Mr. Henry Awwad: 514-812-9509 / Mr. Youssef Farah: 514-893-9821 / Mr. George Latif: 514-835-7148

Preparation for Solemn Communion

Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. - Mrs. Doris Awwad: 514-945-9509

Catechesis for 4 to 11 year old

Sundays at 10:30 a.m. - Ms. Sherine Saba: 514-884-1529


Saturday every two weeks at 1:00 p.m. - Ms. Jacqueline Shatawy: 514-632-9237

Jeunes NDA

Sundays at 7:00 p.m. - Ms. Jocelyne Bazergui: 514-659-2897 Ms. Dina Mahfouz: 514-515-8739

Scouts 252 NDA

Ms. Nadia Tooma: 514-231-1716 Ms. Marie-Rose Chami: 514-402-7481

Famille Sainte-Rita

Tuesdays after the 6:30 p.m. mass - Mrs. Tania Rahbe: 514-576-4983

Bible studies

Mondays at 7:00 pm - Mr. Fouad Mazhar: 514-449-9479

NDA Prayer Group

Ms. Laila Henein: 514-944-8146

The Melkite Ladies

Mrs. Amal Haffar: 514-983-3773

Foyer NDA

Sundays every two weeks after the 12:00 pm mass - Mr. Richard Farah: 514-463-6190 Mr. Tawfik Assal: 514-603-5084 Tawfik Assal: 514-603-5084

Club Anda

Thursdays at 12:00 pm - Mr. Joe Warda: 514-892-4591 Ms. Marie Mercier: 514-916-3426

Club NDA

Saturdays at 7pm - Mr. Robert Bazergui: 514-241-9195 Ms. Carolin Lutfi: 514-688-9977

Focolare Group

Every second Friday of the month - Mr. Pascal Bedros : 438-520-5952

Prayer Group, The Voice of the Word

Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. - Ms. Nevine Saba: 514-814-7782 Ms. Sherine Saba: 514-884-1529

Sacred Heart of Jesus Family

First Friday of the month - Ms. Nathalie Ahmar: 514-561-0825

Les Dames Myrohores prayer group

Mondays every two weeks, at 12:30 p.m. - Mrs. Josiane Mansour : 438-580-6828

NDA Choir

Thursdays at 7pm - Mr. Ibrahim Shatawy : 514-895-1013

Soccer NDA

M. Adam Doummar : 514-573-4983

Painting classes

Ms. Rima Petraki: 514-210-7559

The Good Samaritan

Mr. Nicolas Naaman 514-216-6383 Mr. Mootaz Zaarour : 514-553-7323

Team Notre-Dame 2

Mr. George Azar and Ms. Carine Azar: 438- 502- 8828

Team Notre-Dame 3

Mr. Mansour Nassar and Ms. Samar Nassar: 514-293-0650

Communication Group

Ms. Aline Dermarkar: 514-296-0807 Mr. Tony Hana: 514-560-8626