What is the Melkite Biblical Center (MBC)?

It is a digital platform on ZOOM whose main goal is to provide continuing education on the Bible to our parishioners across Canada: Bible courses, spiritual retreats inspired by the Bible, Bible sessions...
Language barriers will not be an obstacle as the lectures, given in Arabic, will be translated simultaneously into French and English. Our youth in the Communication Office are ready to organize everything on the technical side.
Thanks to our partnership with the Institute for Theological Education of Montreal, the MBC will offer you Bible courses with the possibility of obtaining university credits.
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The Melkite Biblical Center is offering am 9 session course on the Gospel of Saint Mark with His Excellency Bishop Milad El Jawich.
The course will begin on October 4 at 8:30 pm on Zoom (Montreal time).
Registration is required to participate.
This course is free. However, you can make a donation to the MBC by using the donation button.
It will be given in Arabic with simultaneous translation into French and English.



My experience as a priest

Everywhere I go, I find myself in front of believers who are thirsty for the word of God. Rites alone no longer satisfy them.

There are places in the human soul where rituals cannot enter: neither incense, nor luxurious vestments, nor processions, but only a living word from the mouth of God: "Say only one word, and my soul will be healed" (Mt 8:8).

In the eyes of my faithful, I often read an ancient hunger for the word of Jesus. This hunger exhausts me, torments me, and always pushes me to dig into the Bible to serve the most delicious dishes. When I explain the word of God, I see them listening silently, taking in the word with their ears, their eyes, their guts, with their whole being.

Some of them have "hearts moved" (Acts 2:37) when they hear the word, and their heartbeats reach my heart.

Bishop Milad El Jawich

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