A brief historical overview

By the grace of God and with the blessing of H.E. Bishop Ibrahim M. Ibrahim, St. Elijah's Mission came into being in 2015. The 1st Mass was celebrated on July 5 by Fr. Bernard Bassett.
The inaugural mass was celebrated by H.E. Bishop Ibrahim M. Ibrahim on February 28, 2016, during which there was the ordination of the 1st sub-deacon of the church (Shadi Freiha), given the number of faithful that has increased significantly.
With the flourishing of our church, which was done through the dedication and hard work of Rev. Bernard Bassett as well as the help of several volunteers, H.E. Bishop Ibrahim M. Ibrahim declared it a parish on July 22, 2018, during the Mass of the feast of his Patron Saint the great and prophet Elijah. And since then, the parish has become under the charge of its pastor Fr. Bernard Bassett.
At the same mass, a second sub-deacon was ordained (Simon Wazen).
Today we have several active groups in our parish.
Several pastoral and social activities take place throughout the year to bring together our parishioners and friends of the parish.


3250 rue Esther, Laval, QC H7P 4X3

Schedule of Masses

Every Sunday at 11:30 am and 7 pm

Preparation for Solemn Communion

Mrs. Jocelyne Makhoul


Mrs. Joyce Samaha

Apôtres (12-17 years old)

Mrs. Fairouz Hanna

Jeunesse Melkite (18-35 years old)

Mrs. Fairouz Hanna


Mrs. Zeina Helwi

MAM Groupe St-Élie

Mr. André Haddad and Mr. David Bou Rjeily

Prayer group Ouzkourni fi malakoutika

Mrs. Thérèse Lahoud

Famille du Sacré-Cœur

Mrs. Dorita Stéphan

Chorus Saint Elie

Mr. Georges Arbash

Youth chorus Saint Elie

Mrs. Nathalie Hindi